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“To Whomever! Evey is great!”

We’ve been working with Evey for many years now and she always brings such creativity and quality to the table. She’s absolutely unique. We just adore her.

Dream Rockwell, Founder & Director

Evey is such a talented designer and fashionista. Her work is vibrant and eclectic and Evey creates true “wearable art”. She is known for her light up, electrical and fiber optic gowns, as well as her vibrantly colored and ombre wedding dresses, making the average model stand out among the rest. Her taste (pun intended) is unique and ever so creative, combining food, colors, and lights in never before seen styles. To top it off, her designs come with a great attitude and incredible energy on set. Evey is a pleasure to work with and I love being able to document her innovative ideas!

As a destination wedding, adventure photographer I am always looking to push the envelope with my photographs and  I am always trying to do styled shoots that have a theme behind them. I am always seeking out inspiration for my photography outside of the wedding industry in not only fashion, but tech news, science and through my travels.  I recently went to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and I was in LOVE with the way the desert took on another form and the “energy” shifted once the sun set and the LED lights and costumes came to life.  There, everyone is told to bring tons of LED lights to pin to your clothing, mainly to save you from getting run down in the dark by a giant mutant art car in the pitch blackness of the desert at night.

As a Burning Man virgin and not knowing where to begin procuring glow in the dark clothing, I called upon Evey Rosenbloom (www.eveyclothing.com), an amazing wedding dress designer that creates true “wearable art”. She is known for her light up, electrical, LED and fiber optic gowns and she also has made dresses out of pages of books, toys, and even perishable materials such as flowers or cupcakes! She quickly made three wedding dresses for me to wear at Burning Man and it sparked a whole epiphany for me as a photographer.

When I shoot a wedding the look and feel of my images and how I light them changes drastically from day time to nighttime, just like the crowd’s mood at Burning Man or even a wedding.  Something shifts in all of us as human beings when day turns to night and it was amazing how the costumes during the day, morphed into a carnival of light at night.  Evey loved this idea as well and designed dresses that looked amazing for a day time wedding, (one of her designs took her 3 weeks to make and was made from crushed crystals and mirrors with a chest plate made from a mold) and then at night lights up from within and had an LED petticoat.  The attention these dresses got drew crowds literally like moths to a flame and created a beautiful glow of light, ethereal for any photographer to capture.  What a unique and perfect way for a bride to kick her reception up a notch, by turning on her LED Wedding dress to signal the start of the festivities.

“Laura Grier is the Indiana Jones of adventure, travel, and destination wedding photography.”

Evey is a very talented designer and did a fantastic job while working with me at Betsey Johnson. I would highly recommend her to any company.

Any time I think of custom made dresses or need to refer a bride that is looking to have a dress made, I refer them to Evey. She is unique in her designs and is so willing to step outside of the standards. I had Evey custom make the most gorgeous dress for an ethereal wedding shoot. Needless to say, I have worn the dress so many times for different shoots because it is so stunning. I receive compliments on it each time as it is so unique and was really created with me in mind. Evey does this with all of her clients as her custom designs are out of this world. Her recycled or lit dresses always are show stoppers and she, on top of all of this, is humble, kind and thoughtful. I still want to invest in a small line of dresses similar to what she created for me and that investment is solely inspired by Evey and her incredible talents. Thank you Evey for sharing your talents with us.


Julia Diane Whitley - SEJ Productions

I’ve known Evey for about 6 years now and her creativity blew me away. Her passion and thrive in her work drew me into her world. The carousel dress with the glass horse was over the top amazing. She brought me on to her projects as hair and makeup artist and she believed in me so much. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and collaborator. I always feel encouraged to be myself and to offer up my ideas. I’ve loved working with her and creating with her. God only knows where it will take us next. The doors Evey has opened to me are adventurous and wondrous. I’m so grateful for Evey and her vision for her craft. I cant wait for future projects and fun memories we will create together as a team. To more rainbow bright themed shoots and candy land hair for weddings. 😉  Cheers to you, Evey.


It’s clear Evey is on top of her game. Not only is she extremely organized and efficientwhen it comes to her business, but her clothes are some of the best I’ve seen in her genre.

Dirk Mai, Photographer

It’s a refreshing splash of color that I think every girl needs in her life! I use her itemsfor photo shoots as well as day wear. If you want tostand out in a crowd like I do, Evey’s line is a sure fire way to be seen!

Lauren Watts

Evey’s clothing screams personality. Every lace, ruffle, and stitch is completely saturated with a youthful, fun, and edgy vibrance. Evey makes its own cultural statement for those who aren’t afraid to rock a funky individualism while also looking absolutely adorable. Twisting the artistic sense of underground and alternative fashion with a sort of Barbie-like cuteness, Evey has created her own pop-art world.

Besty Oslund

I contacted Evey because I wanted a light up veil for my elopement. She took a genuine, excited interest in what I wanted down to every last detail. I was able to be involved however much I wanted, but I also didn’t have to be in charge because she is super trustworthy, reliable, and communicative. Evey made me something wonderfully unique and sparkly, AND was available to answer all my bride-to-be questions along the way, no matter how silly or small. She was available to coach me on how to best put it on, with Face Time, and she even followed up after to see how it went. The fiber optics worked great, it was exactly what I wanted, and it was so fun to work with her. Really, I’m so grateful. I’m a lucky girl. Highly reccommend working with Evey!!

Katie Peck

Evey Can Help You Turn Heads, Stop Traffic, And Shine.