I Was Hired To Make Cinderellas Dress!

//I Was Hired To Make Cinderellas Dress!

I Was Hired To Make Cinderellas Dress!

This year’s newly re-imagined MTV Movie & TV Awards culminated with the ultimate After-Party, recreating interactive fairy tale scenes amidst a star-studded gathering of winners, nominees, presenters, performers and merrymakers at the Shrine Expo. I was so honored to be hired to create a light up Cinderella dress and glowing headpiece for this playful interaction between art and technology. The event, a collaboration between MTV and Toyota, cued live dreamscapes from the Toyota C-HR Cinderella campaign with iconic film and TV spots. The dress, a glowing ball-gown I created for this, was on display, worn by Lucent Dossiers Cinderella in a kaleidoscope dome under a giant ticking clock. The brightest stars of young Hollywood graced the 30,000-square foot space, snapped photos in the custom photo booth, and sipped beverages such as the Glass Slipper and Rosy Blonde. Disney’s magical light parades have been a major influence to me as a designer, so to be a part of this production and get to create one of my light up gowns for such a rad event, was magical.

What I was most proud of however, was the time frame during which we made this dress! In the wedding dress design world, we typically require 6-8 months to make a couture gown like this! My studio got the job for this incredible event, just 1 week before they needed it! It was so hard to say no to this project, since it combined all my passions… it would be a light up dress, with a colorful ombré effect, and a Disney theme! And to top it off, the group reaching out to me for help with this last minute project, was Lucent Dossier, the Avant Garde cirque troupe I adore, who I’ve made costumes for and camped out with at Coachelle Music Festival, (they even showed up at my wedding and paraded around on stilts!) So I said yes, even though I had my hands full with my toddler, and I had just found out I was pregnant a couple weeks earlier!

My husband was so supportive, and I was able to work around the clock with my amazing crew in both LA and France to make this incredible gown from scratch in such a ridiculous time frame! The dress has changeable lighting colors and modes, it can be all white, or can fade from blue to white with an awesome ombré effect, and I even made it so that the shades of blue could be adjusted from pale to vibrant!

Although it was a sleepless week, I am so grateful to have been involved with this project! Get in touch with me if you want a light up or ombré colorful couture gown! Just give me more than a week next time or I might turn into a pumpkin!



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